Tuesday, 3 December 2013


On Friday 6th December at 22.15 I will be jetting off from Heathrow airport to the delights of AUSTRALIA!

Some people may think that divorced parents are a negative thing for a child but, for me, through their separation (at age 2) I gained two new wonderful step-parents and, by extension, grandparents also. My step-mum Kathryn is Australian and moved to the UK many years ago, her family have visited us a number of occasions and this year it is my privilege to return the favour. My dad, step-mum, little brother Charlie and I are trekking across the globe for a four week holiday in Geelong, Australia.


Due to the fact that we will be staying in Shurlee and Phillip’s house (step-grandparents) in the ordinary world of Australia I may be able to avoid the trauma of becoming a BRIT-ON-HOLIDAY.

It’s tragic when we resort to burnt chicken legs, football frenzy and shouting at the natives in English because we refuse to attempt their language.

In this setting I should be able to avoid the stereotype and become a true Aussie.

But what is a true Aussie at Christmas time: do people have barbecues for lunch, an afternoon game with boomerangs and an evening ride with the kangaroo? Hmm…

Sadly I’m not sure if any of these are true.
Kathryn has assured me that we will be eating the traditional turkey dinner, even though its summer time and it will leave us sweltering inside and out.
And another hilarious tradition that they share with us is the giving of cards that have snow on them, and also the singing of snow related songs.
In the heat of Geelong, I’ll still be singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” (*But please don’t)

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