Friday, 25 October 2013

Career Crisis

I’ve had my entire life planned out since I was in primary school and now I’m in third year at University (about to go out and start living it) I begin to have reservations. #panic

An ex-actor came to the University recently and had a talk with us about the realities of going into the biz. It shook me up a bit. Anyone going into this business never REALLY thinks they’re going to be spending more time working in Sainsbury’s than as an actor, but that’s the truth! After honestly assessing my skills and my level of passion in this area I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not for me.

(Big sigh of despair)

The ex-actor who spoke to us gave us a scenario to imagine in order to really understand whether we were ready for the harsh realities of show business.

Imagine you are approaching an important birthday of your closest loved one. You have been arranging an exciting surprise party for months. Everyone you know is arriving, people you haven’t seen for years. An hour before the party starts, you get a call, you have an audition in half an hour.
Let’s say the audition isn’t even a big deal, it isn’t your big break it’s just another job.
Do you go?

My romantic view of life tempted me to answer with “yes, of course, anything to act” but actually… When I finally allowed myself to answer honestly I realised that my passion wasn't enough.

After a lovely meal with my dad and step-mum this weekend (at Pizza Express - even tastier when you don’t have to pay for it) they assured me that no one knows what they’re going to do in life. Even when you’re out there living it it’s still a mystery.

So, for now, I’m just going to set myself the task of planning next year. After that… who knows?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to become an investment banker any time soon and I will NEVER give up performing. I've just got to jiggle things about a bit.

Never realised growing up is so hard.

Monday, 7 October 2013

My First Blog

My name is Ellie Baldwin and I’m just approaching my final year at the University of Greenwich on the drama degree. I don’t come from far, just an hour on the train from Euston station, which means whilst growing up I was fortunate enough to frequently visit the capital. As a child I’ve developed a great passion for theatre which includes both from the audience and from on the stage. Since the first time I watched a west end show (Jesus Christ Superstar) I knew that my life would lead me to the London and there I would stay. The University of Greenwich has been my first step on this lifelong journey. One day I hope to be a musical theatre performer in the West End and even though I am aware of the hurdles I most cross in this profession – nothing will stop me from continuing on this path. (I’m making this sound like a quest such as in Harry Potter) – Hopefully there won’t be any dark lords to cross along my journey.

Somehow I've managed to reference Harry Potter in the first paragraph about myself which probably says a lot about my character. I am a big reader which started when I first picked up Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone as a child. This led me into my interest of plays which combines both my love of reading and of theatre.

As a child I was also very involved in the skills of singing, dancing and musical instruments (piano, violin and guitar). I eventually gave up the violin after it had a violent collision with my bed – but that’s a story for another blog. The skills in these performance areas that I didn't fiercely abandon have carried me through to my current position as Vocal Coach for the Performing Arts Society.
This society, formally known as Glee, has given me extra opportunities to perform alongside my drama degree. Last year I attained the role of Vocal Coach but after a difficult year of gaining and maintaining members, as the committee, we decided to renovate the society giving it an entirely new image. Performing Arts society gives members opportunities to be involved in production both on the stage and off, meaning we are interested in both performers (with any ability) as well as theatre technicians, costume designers and stage managers etc.

I have always had a passion for writing and the opportunity to divulge all of my trials and tribulations in my final year is very exciting.

Blogging Begins

Ellie Baldwin