Monday, 31 March 2014

21 – Wow I’m old!

I'm turning 21 on the 1st April – and that’s not a joke.

So I had a big party for my 18th and I’m doing a similar thing for my 21st but after this one I can imagine my celebrations will probably die down.
Therefore, I need to make the most out of this one!

Event no.1 = With all of my University friends I am going to Brighton for the weekend to get thoroughly smashed and party on the beach!

We're staying in a seafront hostel where we've hired a 9 bed dorm for the Saturday night, so getting ready there and then taking a short stroll along the beach to the clubs.
We will probably hit a number of bars before making our way to Digital where we will party the night away! Excited is an understatement.

Event no.2 = On the actual day my boyfriend and my mum are getting the train down together from Northampton (my home town) to spend the day with me doing touristy things which I am so excited about! The loveliest thing about Christiano (the boyfriend) is that he gets on with my family so well! It’s like he’s always been a part of our crazy gang (well, it has been nearly 6 years)!

Event no.3 = In the evening my mum is taking me to see The Book of Mormon. We have both been yearning to see this show ever since it came to London. My step-mum has seen it and told me about one scene where there is an ensemble tap routine and mid-way through the lights go off and about 30 seconds later when they come back on there has been a costume change whilst they were still tap dancing! It is going to be unreal!

Event no.4 = Party! This is the main event – save the best till last!
It starts at 7 with a buffet and jazz band, now that I’m old I have to do sophisticated events like this, but then from 9 onwards it turns into a generic 21st party. I like having it split into two like this because it means my grandparents and distant relatives can come for the beginning and my friends can come for the evening. There’s nothing worse than running around trying to chat to everyone at your own event and never really having any fun.

I think it’s safe to say that this birthday is going to be EPIC!

Love being a student and love being young! I hope turning 21 doesn’t mean the start of early nights, family cars and socks and sandals!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Performing Arts

I am currently the vocal coach for the University of Greenwich Performing Arts Society, which I love just as much as my Drama degree. Many people who are interested in drama have a number of different skills that don’t just lie with acting. Performing Arts Society is a creative place for people who are interested in acting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, participating in the backstage crew, script writing and many more practices. We accept anyone, from those who have professional experience to those who have never performed before and want to start somewhere.

We are currently working towards an original show called

The opening of this show is set in an airport which progresses onto the aeroplane.
It features a variety of songs from Guns ‘N’ Roses Paradise City, to Sit Down You’re Rockin’ The Boat from Guys ‘N’ Dolls, and around to Fly by Nicki Minaj ft Rihanna.

All of the songs, dances and instrumental numbers help carry the storyline through. The piece reaches a climactic ending through song and dialogue which will make the audience fear for the lives of the passengers. Will they survive the turbulence? Can the pilot keep it together?

If you’re at all interested in drama or just want to see what the University is capable of, then come along on the Thursday 27th March at 7.30pm, at Bathway.

University of Greenwich
Old Woolwich Public Baths
SE18 6QX

Friday, 7 February 2014

Drama Production

Drama Production is one of the third year modules for BA (Hons) Drama students. This course gives students the opportunity to either act or direct a full length play. This is a great alternative to a dissertation for all those students who are fearful of essays. The exciting thing about this course is the prospective directors pitch play ideas which the course leaders choose from and then the actors get the chance to audition for the plays they prefer. I auditioned for three out of the four choices (it’s recommended that you audition for as many as possible) and was cast in Road by Jim Cartwright.

I am over the moon to be performing in this play and particularly to be playing Louise. Louise is a gentle soul who is quiet and follows the crowd. Her best friend Carol is much the opposite; energetic, loud and forthcoming. They make a comical double act which reflects my actual relationship with the actor who plays Carol, Bethany Fisher. For example, at the end of last summer we went to Essex for a friend’s birthday where we sustained roughly a level 10 on the hyperactive scale all weekend. Those that were there named us a double act as funny as Laurel and Hardy and as successful as Ant and Dec. I can imagine this is going to help us tremendously for our performance. The final scene of the play that features our characters heavily is set after a night out (at the post-lash), in preparation for this scene Beth and I are going to get drunk and film ourselves acting it out, then watch it when we’re sober and replicate our mannerisms. Not only will this help with our drunk acting abilities but it will also be a hilarious activity!

This play is set in Lancashire during the 1980’s and it highlights the inequality of Thatcher’s policies. Cartwright gives an eloquent voice to an ignored margin of society. If you’re interested in watching a black comedy with an excellent cast, come and watch on the 15th or 16th of May at Bathway Building in Woolwich.

University of Greenwich
Old Woolwich Public Baths
SE18 6QX